Our Mission

The Center’s Mission is to promote wellness and recovery by providing an environment which is considerate of and sensitive to the unique, personal and cultural attributes of those we serve, and which empowers them to make choices about their lives, pursue their personal goals and maximize their quality of life while respecting their individual dignity and confidentiality.

The Center

The Scranton Counseling Center is a private, nonprofit organization incorporated in 1947. The Center is a comprehensive behavioral healthcare program providing a complete range of evaluative and treatment services. These services are provided either directly at our facilities on Adams Avenue or through affiliation with other qualified providers/programs.

Our Accessibility

The Scranton Counseling Center is accessible to physically disabled individuals. In addition, there is a telecommunication device for the hearing impaired.

Our Staff

SCC staff members have varied educational backgrounds and training to meet the different needs of the people we serve. Our staff includes psychiatrists, licensed psychologists, masters level behavioral specialists, licensed social workers, art therapists, nurses, caseworkers, behavioral analysts as well as other mental health and intellectual disability specialists. Our facilities are licensed according to standards set by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Your Privacy

By law, no information regarding whether or not you are a client at Scranton Counseling Center nor any details of your diagnosis or treatment may be revealed to anyone outside the Center without your written consent. There are exceptions such as suspected child abuse, medical emergencies, or under a court order.

Your Cost of Services

Scranton Counseling Center must charge a fee for services provided. At the time of your first appointment, your method of payment will be determined. If you are covered by a participating health insurance plan, information and any referral forms necessary to receive insurance reimbursement will be required.

The Center honors almost all health insurance coverage. If you are uninsured, a specialist will review your finances and establish a fee based on a sliding scale.

Our Funding

Scranton Counseling Center is funded by fees for services provided. However, fees and reimbursements cannot cover all the costs of providing care. The Center also relies on tax-deductible contributions from the community we serve. To find out how you can support our mission to provide quality services to all who need them, please call the Fund Development Coordinator at 570-348-6100.

Our Programs/Services

The Center’s available programs and services include:

    • Psychiatric Evaluations
    • Psychological Testing and Assessment
    • Comprehensive Psychiatric Services
    • Individual Counseling
    • Geriatric Counseling
    • Specialized Services for Autism Spectrum Disorder
    • Mobile Therapy
    • Therapeutic Staff Support
    • Behavioral Specialist Consultation
    • Medication Management
    • Case Management
    • Early Intervention
    • Family Support Services
    • 24-Hour Crisis Intervention/Emergency
    • Partial Hospitalization
    • Employee Assistance Programs
    • Family Based Mental Health Services
    • Group Therapy
    • Art Therapy

Through a number of specific liaison programs, SCC staff work in conjunction with human service agencies, the Courts, religious institutions, schools, and other groups to promote a greater community awareness of available behavioral healthcare programs and related services.

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